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April 25, 2011

I’m really looking forward to this !

Not entirely sure if my inner geek is wanting to see this because I used to be an avid reader of comics when I was young, or if it was a certain fascination with Norse mythology.

Walt Simonson drawn, a tale of honor and sacrifice, with more than a nod to the original mythology.  Toss in a world spanning serpent as your nemesis for flavour. What is not to like?

Rotten Tomatoes seems to be giving an overall thumbs up, though I’m waiting to see what the top critics have to say, but it’s currently sitting at 93%. Sounds like it’s been done really well, and there as some major players involved. Sir Anthony, Rene Russo, Natalie Portman (what is it about cool, smart, beautiful brunettes..?).

I also especially liked the trilogy by Micheal Jan Friedman, Hammer and the Horn was the first book. Well worth a read if you can pick them up. Loved the way he interspersed memories of the days before Ragnarok and how the blessings of Odin weren’t always much of one 🙂

Touching back on comics for a moment, there were some absolutely stellar comics and graphic novels. Excalibur, X-men, Avengers, Strike Force Morituri, Psycho (Hudnall and Brereton at it again!), Marshall Law,  The New Statesmen, 2000AD to name just a few…. Sounds like a subject for another post 🙂

Been on night shift again. Time to catch some ZZzzzzzs before I stop making sense.


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