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Hornets Nest

April 23, 2011

Hi All,

Yesterday we took a large stick to period basis and whacked a hornets nest. Was the first big engagement I’d really been on outside an AHAC WH POS bash, and I’m finding that I’m still learning… an awful lot about null sec warfare tbh.

Rode the pod express back home, but not without getting KMails and in on a few more besides. Thing I was most happy with was the fact I managed to get number two or three in damage on a few of those. Thank god for T1 and insurance, though with the clone costs these days…. well….. better than nada I suppose.

I can honestly say that using this laptop and a semi-dodgy mobile internet connection (even with everything set to low or off graphically) was not the best way to go. Even though a twin 1600mm plated and 3x trimark megathron ain’t the quickest of beasts, I was usually the last to get to warp, or damn close to it. Lets not talk about session changes..!

Also made a pretty basic mistake in aggressing while sitting at the gate when their HAC/BC gang warped in. I doubt I would have got away in any case (there would almost certainly have been fast tackle on the outgate), but lack of situational awareness meant I started firing even though I wasn’t entirely sure where the rest of the gang was and couldn’t deagress in time. Not with 50 plus people with me in their cross-hairs. N00b.

Now comes the reality check. Not sure if our diplos or intel people failed, but stick/nest/whack. We’re going to have to deal with the reprisals and consequences of it. Worst thing, it came at a price. A long standing blue has now mutually reset red. We’ve already experienced losses over and above the main fight, and a POS has already been hit.

Time will tell how this will turn out…. Interesting times indeed.

Fly Smart,


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