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The Bitterness

April 11, 2011

Hi All,

Seems another of the names of New Eden has hung up her spurs (that should probably read whip… but hey). I’m talking about that lovely pirate vixen named Mynxee. Not sure if it was her exposure to what lay behind the looking glass, CSM burnout, or whether it was BOV syndrome finally catching up… go and have a read of her blog (see the sidebar – Life in Low Sec).

We too have had internal discussions within the corp recently about… what next? We’re all older players both in age and in EvE. We’re all well over the 40million SP mark, and we’re all somewhat challenged with available time.  One of us recently became a new dad. I’ve become a step parent to two young boys. Another of us is about to get married. All things which mean our disposable time has been, well, pretty much disposed of.

So, we need to find something thats going to bring the spark back. We’ve cracked some play styles pretty well, and even I who has the patience of a saint (mostly) doesn’t really want to look another L4 mission in the eye ever again.

Perhaps its a combination of the following things: lack of the shiny, at that number of SPs we’re looking at variations on a theme mostly, lack of awe at the ship types out there, horrible timezone, and the missing X factor. Even the training queue has slowed down remarkably. Days if you’re lucky. Weeks if not.

I have an idea what the X factor actually is – a combination of adrenaline overload, and sheer mind blowing terror. I’m sure you remember the first time you engaged in PvP, willing or not. How it felt to have your ship blown out from underneath you, your first podding. How the hell do we get that back?

Open to suggestions. If you’ve got any good ideas, let me know.

Fly Smart,


P.S If you had anything to do with CSM 5 or ran into Mynxee at any stage, drop her a line if for no other reason that it might be your last chance to say goodbye.

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  1. You sound like you’re looking for Wormholes. No local, small gangs, no sov. WH PVP is the best PVP 🙂

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