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Low Sec – I’ve been thinking…

April 5, 2011

This is usually followed (my thinking, that is) by what is colloquially known as an “uh-oh” moment. I’m sure I’ll be told in no uncertain terms over time, exactly how harebrained some of these ideas are 🙂

Anyway, in the odd moments I’ve have spare time, I’ve been considering the whole low sec issue and how to make it more attractive.

Much can be said about the quality of the space and calls to improve it. I’d suggest coming at it from a different angle, sticking with what low sec implies thematically while increasing the accessibility of the resources already there.

OK. Here goes. Why not have temporary deployable structures?

Structures that duplicate things such as moon mining or gas mining that operate on a fixed timer, after which they deliver their goods in a jet can and expire having burnt up all their resources and fuel.

A small one shot item like that operating without the support of a POS should not provide the same amount of goods as a full on deployment, but should have advantages such as not appearing on d-scan as an example. They’re built for stealth and not defense, and should be easily taken out by a conventional ship or two.

Not entirely sure if they should be scannable, in fact a good argument could be made that a deployable module at the gate to an anomaly could futz the scan probes of everyone else for a limited time for that site only.

You want smugglers gates? Deploy a module each in separate systems, activate and voila – a small covert jump bridge that expires when the timer does or the fuel runs out.

There really are quite a number of possibilities. It supports the more casual players (especially those that don’t want to or can’t commit to supporting or defending a full time POS), those that like the hit and run lifestyle. Guerrilla industry perhaps?

At the end of the day, sneakiness and grafting out a living is what low sec is all about. For those who prefer being the hunter, you’d still have all the opportunities to hunt, and arguably more if it attracts a lot more people to low sec.

It just won’t be quite as one sided as the current d-scan mechanic or PvE vs PvP ship encounters are right now, most especially if you’re pounding on someone already engaged by rats.

More peeps = more pew. And for low sec, that can only be good.

Fly smart,


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