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Weirdness Magnet

December 15, 2010

Hi All,

I have one, don’t ask me how I know. Just see how today panned out…

Got woken at 3am by an epileptic dog. It weighs 42 kilos. I don’t care what part of the house you’re sleeping in, if a 42 kilo dog has a long ongoing fit, you WILL hear it.

Traffic was at an absolute crawl into town due to rain. First job of the day, appear in civil court on behalf of one of my employees. Don’t ask. It’s a very long story.

Met with the movers as they picked up my stuff from the house I’ve lived in for quite some time as part of moving 800km south and frantically finished the very last bits of packing.

Drove to a client site to reinstall a program they’d managed to delete completely off a PC. I have no idea how they managed it tbh.

Headed off to the airport to fly to the new town I’m living in. Sat next to a bloke who repaired violins and cellos for a living, and chased the most amazing sunset of vivid deep reds for a good 30 minutes as we flew above the rain clouds.

Strangest day in a very long time. What about yourselves? Has any weirdness jumped out and mugged you recently? Or is it just the silly season being particularly silly this year?


P.S When the airline makes you sign a disclaimer about transporting electronic goods, the last thing you want is someone who has never driven the conveyor belt before have their very first go at it. The clonk as my self designed and built PC fell over will remain in the memory for quite some time….

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