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The Most Valuable Commodity

December 3, 2010

Hi All,

Chainer Cygnus is looking at providing some assistance to new players – go here for more details —-> !

Commendable indeed. It reminds me of when I was not quite so noobish and provided some help to Boris Hotch’s crew of the Help My Mission team. Unsure if they’re still about or not, and I’ll check when I get the chance over the weekend.

Basically, they provided guidance and assistance for missioners in high sec, and people often went from being assisted to assistees if you like. All very altruistic and carebearish indeed.

From my own personal experience, saving someone’s ship from certain destruction still gives me a huge rush, though as we as a team tend to assist with “DPS Tanking” more than repping these days πŸ™‚

And that brought me (in a very round about way) to this: the singularly most valuable commodity in EvE is trust. It can be destroyed in a single action, damaged totally beyond repair. It can be given too easily, leading to espionage, corp theft, ganking and worse.

If you join a group of people in fleet, you can be warped by the fleet commander pretty much anywhere they like if you’re not quick enough on the cancel warp. They may convince you to jump into lo sec with them and proceed to dismember your ship and pod you just for giggles.

What Chainer and Boris are doing IS commendable. You might also be in trouble and yell out in local for assistance and get it from a complete stranger. But sure as heck don’t expect the same treatment from everyone. Check peoples sec status too.

And for the love of god, stop shooting at ninjas in high sec!

Fly Smart,


P.S DPS Tanking = If battleships are dying before target locks can be resolved – congratulations, your corp is DPS tanking πŸ™‚

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