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CSM Roundtable

November 10, 2010

Hi All,

Still adjusting with life. Tried to take two weeks off and have not had a day clear yet and the first week is almost over… Little enough time for EvE let alone anything else. Happy happy, joy joy, NOT!

emote whinge end

If you don’t know about Mynxee and the CSM, then I’d suggest you get across to her website PDQ.

Often very funny and always with a twinkle in the eye, Mynxee writes about a great range of things, and has historically focussed on teh Yarr and the wild wild west that is low sec. She is one of the people behind the initiative for improvements to low sec and is an absolute paragon when it comes to putting it to CCP.

And by it, I mean what we, the player base, want to see in game. Be it Deidra Vaal’s (another CSMer btw) push for fixing stuff and fixing stuff NAO as opposed to release more half polished expansions, Chairperson Mynxee (don’t ask me why I suddenly thought of leathers, chair and whip… this IS Mynxee we’re talking about) is the go to gal.

She’s funny, brave and very, very smart and one of the people who has taken time out in game to chat to me. This was pre-CSM and I have no doubt she’s probably had to stop chatting to all and sundry otherwise she’d never get anywhere.

In any case, there is a roundtable where you guys will get to ask questions of the CSM AND of CCP Xhagen three weeks out from the December summit.

Go to the website for the exact details and get thee to the chat channels!!!!

Fly Smart,


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