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Culture – Not just what you find in yoghurt

October 25, 2010

Been a while – we’ve opened the corp up for recruitment and are growing (albeit very slowly). It’s a case of limited time I think, and having to split that time between empire and null.

One thing that has been sitting in the back of my mind is the whole balance of the corporation and its culture. We are a group of old friends, which definitely has some advantages – trust being the most obvious. With new people coming on board, some of whom know very little as far as practical applications of skills goes, the dynamic will change.

There will be an investment in time and effort, and we will need to check ourselves from taking for granted that people know how to do the basics.

What happens if we find someone great, but who has something of a different focus? We know what we don’t want, gankers, griefers etc. What concerns me are the more subtle issues, personality clashes, too many people pulling us in either an industrial or PvP direction (as an example), and how to balance it.

On a much larger scale, the politics in null as part of a medium sized alliance, is a bit like watching an iceberg. You see the tip, but know there’s an awful lot going on underneath the surface.

Fiddler’s Edge
is a great place for analysis and info. The scrap mentioned in AZN-D2 is case in point. If we were to look at aligning ourselves with a larger force, the changing playing field makes any decision making process difficult at best. That’s just looking at backing the right horse, let alone if our alliance is a good fit with another.

There is also a new Iain Banks Culture novel out – Surface Detail. Haven’t got into it so far yet, but the usual hallmarks are all there, societies at different tech levels colliding, cold wars and massively influential future tech, dystopias and utopias (some of which may or may not be totally virtual). And thats just in the first few chapters… o.0

Harking back to the corporation and alliance, it feels like we’re on the cusp of something big. EvE doesn’t quite have a singularity, but there are definitely thresholds where you go from grinding out mining/missions/markets to something much much larger, especially on the iskie generation front.

I’m looking forward to the next few months!!!

Fly Smart,


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