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Shameless Recruitment Plug

October 9, 2010

New and Improved Formula! Now with even LESS shame!!

I would very much like to say that they made me do it. I would be lying if I did. Which is not to say I don’t have a cheer leading squad egging me on šŸ™‚

MIRV is a NZ/Aus timezone based corp. That in itself provides a few challenges, not the least is that it is one of the quieter times in EvE (think EvE time and add 12 hours).

We’re looking for some like minded people to fly with. We are a bunch of older folks, calm and full of wisdom, displaying the kind of serenity you would expect from those of a certain age, except when there are reds about, in which case all bets are off and rabid frothing at the mouth and mutterings of kill KILL KILL! can be heard on teamspeak.

You don’t need to be a kiwi or aussie, however you do need to be flying in our TZ on a regular basis. We are part of a reasonably sized alliance that has claimed a part of null for its own. This is your chance to stick your toes into null if you wish, or if a newer player, to be guided through the basics.

This is not for the ultra-hard core. We all have RL commitments and acknowledge that others do too. There is no expectation that you need to be on every night of the week. We do expect you to help others within the corp where you can, and to support listed corp events however.

We, in turn will do the same for you. Please be aware that background checks will be done and a limited API key will need to be supplied by you as part of the process. An interview to see if we fit with you and you with us will also be conducted.

There is no specific SP requirement, nor any particular learning plan to follow or ship sets you need to fly (that changes with alliance requirements in null). Bring a healthy attitude and a willingness to participate.

NO smacktalk in local, no griefing and no can flipping. Period. You don’t need to be looking for trouble. This is EvE. Trouble looks for you šŸ™‚

Drop an EvEmail to Helena Khan in game, or to if you’re interested.

Fly Shameless,


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  1. Not to be too confused but shouldn’t times include zone AND time of day you play? I play pacific time but late at night so I seldom wind up playing with folks in my own time slot.

    so very sad and lonely


  2. helenakhan permalink

    Hmmmm. Good point. Easiest way of describing it would be the six or so hours prior to downtime during the week. Could be any time on the weekends. Rampant generalizations, but there you go.

    If I’m not frantically busy working, could be anywhere from 17:00 EvEtime onwards. I’ve yet to negotiate a “me time” clause with the gf. Erk.

    As an aside, it was a real shame Rettic pulled the pin (and on the Copernicus Coalition by default too).

    Anyway, drop a line if you’d like or ping me in game. No point in being sad and lonely tbh.


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