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Big Town Little Town

September 10, 2010

I recently shifted from a city with a population base of about 1.5 million to one of about 450 thousand. Neither are particularly huge by international standards, but there is definitely a village kind of feel to the smaller town. People wave and say hello. There isn’t the grid lock or so many people rushing from point A to point B like crazed lemmings. It’s all kind of nice and genteel.

It’s really noticeable when you’re walking or driving around the place. In the smaller city, pedestrians walk about pretty much at random. Crossing roads, meandering about the place holding up traffic with merely a wave and smile to say, “oops, was that ME that caused that line of trucks and buses to come to a screeching halt”? In the big city, a road means taking your life in your hands and sprinting to the nearest cover that includes large slabs of concrete.

Now I’m not sure if this is the perfect metaphor for high sec and null, but people in the smaller towns (the carebears) treat traffic as an occasional hazard that might be a problem. In large cities, people always react as though it’s out to kill you.

And with good reason. Because it probably is…

Fly Smart


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