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Trying something new…

September 5, 2010

This is kind of a late response to an old blog pack challenge. Combination of lots going on in RL. Again >sigh<. And of course the old wtf will I do now?

So I chucked it on the back burner for a while. Those nasty smells and bubbling noises percolating away deep in your cerebellum occasionally throw out something surprising. No. Not indicative of a dirty mind, thank you very much!

Anyways, I had a think about H for a bit and came to the conclusion, that as a Caldari character, never having flown a missile boat outside a merlin waaay back in the early days probably causes certain elements with the Caldari State to look at me with something of a jaundiced eyeball.

The above is correct. I have never flown a drake or a raven in my entire EvE life. I have never fired a heavy, heavy assault or cruise missile. Ever.

So, am after a bit of feedback. Since I'm working on getting T2 torps at the moment, and given it's just a matter of injecting the battleship skillbook, is it worthwhile doing? Or should I voluntarily check myself into the Sansha rest home for the care of the incurably obsessive?

Oh, yes. One mitigating factor – Rattlesnake…. 🙂



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  1. TokageChan permalink

    Hi H. You probably already know what I’m going to say, but for the benefit of your readers I’ll pontificate a bit 😉

    The answer is, it depends. What do you want to do with the ships? PvP, PvE, wormholes, L5, ratting?
    I would not consider the rattlesnake a serious argument. It is a fine ship, but its biggest advantage, being a mean passive tank, is less compelling now hisec L5s are more common. For other uses there are probably better or cheaper ships.

    My advice would be not to train for cruise. If you want a better mission boat aim for a golem and go nuts with torps (double use with bombers), or cross train amarr or minmatar for paladin/vargur/nightmare/machariel.

    However I would definitely recommend training T2 heavy missiles. BC skill, like destroyers, is common to all races and the drake is such a cheap, flexible and powerful ship being able to fly it well is always useful. The T2s heavies add much needed DPS and are much cheaper than the meta 3/4.
    Additionally heavies go well on lots of the support ships like recons, blackbirds etc so like BC and torps it is a well used skill.

  2. You, pontificate…? Never! They’re not my readers either. Just some unlucky sods who have the misfortune to get ranted at occasionally 🙂

    Good points in there re T2 heavies. Hadn’t considered that. The T2 torps were primarily for stealth bombers (what flavor would Sir like his bomb delivered in…?), so its a matter of deciding what they’d also be applicable to.

    Liked the look of the Rattlesnake because of that, the drone bonus AND the shield resist bonuses. Be interesting to try out a serious missile boat just for once.

    The ability to tailor your damage type…? Droooooool!


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