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The Great Module Scare 2010

August 14, 2010

Hi All,

Had a hell of a scare earlier this evening doing shipyard theft. For those that don’t know it, it’s an “important” L4 storyline, where you go through the second gate and land at what appears to be optimal (about 15km) for a number of bloodraider battleships and BCs. The DPS is not insignificant.

Usually I align and whack the AB, deploy drones and start killing, reducing the DPS quick enough that my tank can hold. Tonight was a leeeeetle different. Killed about three of the BCs, changed targets, activated the guns and went to turn on the repper. Nothing. Not a squeak.

I’d noticed the screen had done a micro pause just before this happened. Tried activating my guns and repper again. Still nothing. Called the drones back. Nope. Not a sausage.

THIS is the point I’d really like to draw everyone’s attention to: There now APPEARED to be no incoming DPS.

I’d lost a ship in Damsel in Distress many moons ago where the DPS appeared to have stopped incoming, but I couldn’t target anything and no modules would switch on/off. After a period I decided to warp out and still appeared to be in my Myrm while in warp – except I only had two bars in my capacitor. And yes, I was in my POD when I docked.

So….. with that in the back of the old braincells, I figured I’d better warp out. It should have instawarped given the alignment, but no. Uh-oh goes me. Notes repper STILL not activated and decides logoffski is the only thing I can do.

Logged back on immediately and find myself warping back into the mission at 16% armour. Not good. At least the repper did activate this time though by the time I got back, only one of my Ogre IIs was still alive.

Now comes the bizarre part. Even though I’d completed the mission, replaced the Ogres and flown back to base, after I jumped out of my ship, I couldn’t get back into her. Twice I tried. Twice I got socket closed errors.

Have tried on the laptop now and things seem OK. Thank God. Anyways, if you do get a situation where the DPS stops coming in and your modules freeze, logoffski the hell out of there. I reckon I was about 30 seconds away (if that) from a very, very expensive battleship loss indeed.

And for the record – CCP couldn’t see anything wrong when I petitioned the Myrm loss, and I very much doubt the tune would be any different this time.

Fly Smart


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