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The Tyranny of Distance Didn't Stop the Capsuleer

August 12, 2010

A willful misquote from one of New Zealand’s most awesome bands to be sure, but kind of captures a little of what I want to talk about.

The voodoo of EvE. The Djinni in a bottle. Quantum black magic. However you want to put it really. The awe and wonder that this game once had for all of us and how it could possibly be recaptured.

Helicity Boson makes some very good points here. There is also a forum post that seems to be gathering some steam. Or it would, if the forums were up right now.

I wrote back in June that my issue was that EvE felt explored. You’re never breaking new territory or that someone will have been there before. And I think there might be a way to do it. And possibly with the current game mechanics as they stand and without having to redesign every solar system in EvE.

At the heart of my issue is that there is no real distance any more. That warp to zero has basically taken the hard yards away. That competition for even hidden resource can be by any two week old adventurer in a frigate who logs on for 30 minutes at a time.

This is not intended to take away from the casual gamer. It is not to dismiss any particular play style. It is to enable those players who want to spend the time and effort to go to the places where the signs read “here be dragons”. The science of nearly instantaneous travel kills that mythical creature stone dead.

What I propose is this: given that anomalies only spawn within an 8AU radius of any stellar feature (as I understand it), and given that deep safes and the exploit to make them have been nerfed, why not make a perimeter around the system at 8AU outside which warp to does not work at all.

In other words, if you want to go there or back, you have to slow boat it. Pick a star and sail out into the unknown. A more comprehensive version of a microwarp drive perhaps that enables speeds somewhere between the current 3+ au/sec and sub-luminal speeds could enable us to explore the zone between 10 and 20AU. Or even 20AU plus.

A specific variety of scan probe could work in this region but perhaps with a much more limited range, but not in “normal” space and vice versa.

It should take time definitely. It shouldn’t be easy to do. It shouldn’t be safe. It should definitely have some serious rewards for that effort and commitment.

It might also help prevent the massive blunderbuss approach the larger corps and alliances can bring…. after all, if it takes a considerable time to get out there, and equally as much time to get back again, will they really want to commit too many people to such an endeavor?

Imagine this: a corp gets together a fleet of ships and heads out beyond the perimeter, they may lose local, d scan and probes work far less well. Will they find planets? Ice belts? Mineable moons? Or will they find a hostile new enemy?

We need a blank space on the map that says “here be dragons”, the chance to unfurl the solar sails, and to brave the atomic winds blowing through the edges of space.


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  1. mikeazariah permalink

    I agree that we new new dragon territory. But it needs to be spread out and or more unpredictable. Something that the normal style of gameplay would have to adapt to.

    Otherwise it would be explored swiftly, analyzed to death and tossed over like a bone swiftly gnawed by the big old dogs that we are.


  2. CorvusRhek permalink

    Good post. Apocrypha was supposed to give us this, but imho they didn’t go far enough in preventing groups from “owning” the space. It would be great to have something more for the people who want to explore (go where no capsulee…. sorry) :-).

  3. helenakhan permalink

    @ Corv… argh. Uncalled for!

    @ Mike A. Any ideas how as an alternative? Been keen to hear your thoughts.


  4. Corvus_Rhek permalink

    Oh, and that bl**dy song is now stuck in my head… 🙂

  5. mikeazariah permalink


    OK, this is spitballing cause I am supposed to be doing my own post right now.

    1) Random generated invasions. Sililar to the live events but not sansha, wake the sleepers up. Maybe have one “Awakened Wormhole” and when it resets the cats come out to play in whatever system it is now connected to.

    2) A mission filter that looks at your skills and serves the mission that best fits what you can do. Special ops type things.

    3) Jove space is still there . . .

    4) A new set of villains with an AI that lets them ‘run’. If you are taking these ones on they will have a breaking point at which the rest will warp away, or call for the bigger Billy Goat Gruff. Missioneers will have to fit for pvp style tackle if they want to complete the mission. These villlins may be a roving band of pirates or some new form of Sansha or Drone infestation. But they will NOT blindly fight to the last man/drone/tentacle.

    6) Make faction warfare change the map. If Caldari kick Gallente’s ass and keep it well kicked then maybe Gallente need to lose a system or two.

    7) ((yes I know I skipped (5), that was to drive the OCD folks crazy) and shouldn’t the term be CDO, all neat and alphabetical?) Nebulae. Sensor damnpening to the point you are feleing your way through, maybe there is some toxic damaging waves and maybe there is some ancient ruin in there . . . and if someone else is in there, what happens in the Fog stays in the Fog.

    like I said, spitballing


  6. helenakhan permalink

    Hmmm. Thanks Mike. Some damn good ideas amongst that bunch. Especially like the nebula idea. Very Wrath of Khan-ish (didn’t have to be said, but went there anyways :)).

    Still doesn’t manage to address the whole, how do we get the advantage to the small corp/individual, as opposed to the large corp/alliance sledgehammer.

    Was also trying to keep within current game mechanics as much as was possible with my limited understanding… i.e easy to implement and little or no additional overhead to the current server.

    Might just have tto keep pondering that one for a bit longer…

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