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Back in Black

August 9, 2010

I’m back. Or at least nearly so. RL has thrown a spanner in the works, relocating 800km to another city, covering for a staff member who has resigned and finding myself a lovely lady all = not much EvE at all.

It does not help that my main PC is still back in my old stomping ground, and my laptop is pretty old skool (if I were to suggest tablet it would be one of the stone variety…).

The ONLY good thing about this time away has been the chunking through some longer term skills. Cyno V for one of my alts. Another one is grinding out adv spaceship command V… and H? Well, lets just say Black Ops is done. Finally.

Looking forward to having a real play. Need a week or two to get things really rocking (read the finalizing the odd support skill), and then we shall see 🙂

Skills at Rank V… 49 and counting…


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  1. TokageChan permalink

    Welcome back H. We needs U. Things are getting more active and more interesting, so it is high time we go some ships hauled and got involved in the action.
    Get that new PC sorted and join in the fun (when you are not “otherwise involved”).

  2. Corvus_Rhek permalink

    yeah, welcome to coffee heaven and the world of enjoyable distractions :-). It does have it’s compensations (like playing Eve in bed Saturday morning on the laptop, while E made crumpets and coffee for breakfast… I could get used to that 🙂

    I’m 5 and a bit days away from Adv Weapon Upgrades which means MARAUDERS!!!!. Unfortunately with hammering the bank balance took after losing the Mael, I can buy it but won’t be able to afford to fly it for a while. hmmm, perhaps I should be getting rent paid in iskies…. 🙂

    Next is some gunnery support skills completed, then T2 torps and finally I might go for black ops myself (since I have aleays intended to get one 🙂

    Current L5 skills – 51… how the hell did I end up with more than you….?

  3. helenakhan permalink

    I’m sorry, you had crumpet for breakfast…?


    Re the skills have some seriously long term fives all tied off. Astrometric range finding V is worth 2mil in SPs alone for example.

    Hmmmm. Skills at rank four = 68. That might be a part of it too. You?


  4. Corvus_Rhek permalink

    I do like a nice bit of crumpet in the morning with my coffee… 🙂

    50 skills at Level 4 Lots at 3 (lots that just take 1-2 days to get to four and I can’t be arsed doing the queue management for :-/)

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