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CSM – External View

June 25, 2010

This is a MUST read….


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  1. Thanks for the link 😀 There will be another post covering Friday tomorrow.

  2. helenakhan permalink

    Actually Mandrill, I am kinda jealous. I did go to last years Fanfest and sat in on a few of the round tables (I’m pretty sure I recognize Meissa Anunthiel and Dierdra Vaal from them).

    I did get to experience “god-mode” at the PvP tables where I think the GM’s were looking for people to help them with bug testing. Got to fly a guardian-vexor for all of about 2 minutes before being blowed up. Typical.

    All of that said, wasn’t a patch on what you’re getting to (and going to) experience I suspect!

    Keep writing, we need to see someone neutral commenting on the process and we’ll certainly keep reading 🙂

    Last thing: while your blog was not the only one, I have absolutely no doubt that getting info out there about the CSM had a big impact on the number of people who voted this year.

    And that is awesome stuff!


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