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Angels Fear To Tread

June 14, 2010

Hi All,

After a bit of advice if you wouldn’t mind – I have a ship and crew who has pulled me out of missions I really did not think I would ever get out of in one piece. She’s been a mainstay for me ever since I finalized the contract in Jita (as an aside, I reckon I could make an absolute mint if it was possible to sell block lists…). She goes where angels fear to tread.

The funny thing is that while I can fly her pretty well indeed, I’m beginning to feel distinctly under gunned. By comparison the Maelstrom a mate of mine flies tears things apart at all sorts of ranges. Even down to frigates at pretty close range, whereas I…. can’t. And I think my gunnery skills are better than his are. We have not even remotely begun to compare what a Golem can do.

My questions are these:

Is it worth dropping out a target painter and swapping in a targeting computer?
Is it worth dropping out a magnetic stabilizer (leaving 2) for a tracking enhancer?

I’m not prepared to compromise the tank any further. I guess what I’m trying to figure out is this – in practical terms will the drop in ROF and DPS be compensated for by the increased number of excellent or wrecking hits? And how much better will it hit small, fast targets? Anybody have an idea?

The alternative is to drop back to a blaster fit and cram in some T2 ammo. With void apparently you can hit reasonably well out to about 40km with the above changes. Is it worth it?

Be keen to hear what people have to suggest before I go and try it out.



P.S Gallente definitely needs some love

P.P.S Check out Kirith Kodachi’s work – professional quality if you ask me.

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  1. TokageChan permalink

    Large blasters and autocannons have almost identical tracking.
    Rails actually have slightly better tracking than artillery.
    The difference obviously is short guns out track long by
    4.5:1. Given that the sig of large guns vs cruisers or smaller
    effectively worsens the tracking by about 2.6:1 (frigs 8:1)
    you need really good tracking to hit the small ships.

    Short range guns + track enhancers give you this, but at
    the expense of range. Though for ACs you often have enough
    falloff to make it work blasters top out around 40km, which
    is probably not enough to do missions fast as a lot of BS
    kite at 50.

    > Is it worth dropping out a target painter and swapping
    > in a targeting computer?

    For rails, probably not, they help drones as well and after
    skills the TP gives a better bonus. For blasters, probably,
    the option to range script could make it more useful.

    >Is it worth dropping out a magnetic stabilizer (leaving 2)
    >for a tracking enhancer?

    For rails, no, the slight improvement in tracking would not
    be worth it, you will still struggle to hit small targets.
    For Blasters, yes, you really do need the extra range the
    enhancer gives. Null + 1, preferably 2 TEs is mandatory to
    get workable range with large blasters in missions.

    The solution a lot of people choose is to use medium weapons in
    high damage platforms (think T3, HAC, Command Ship) to avoid the
    sig problem, though this usually costs enough range to slow the
    mission so doesn’t really help except for the Tengu whose heavy
    missiles still have good range and DPS.

    Really I can’t see much you can improve. You can manouver to
    reduce traversal, but basicly with rails if you can’t pop the
    small ships as they close, you have to leave it to the drones.
    It would be fun to try, but I doubt the blasters would be better.


  2. helenakhan permalink

    Well, raw EFT stats don’t show a huge improvement. Base tracking is 0.01736 at all V raw. 0.01901 and 0.02257 with the two mods separately, and 0.02443 with both (and tracking script).

    I may still try it just to see… but it still seems somehow wrong that a blaster fit ship (or the equivalent to it) is out damaging a rail fit ship at its optimal… and that the ship it is out damaging at that range also has a tracking bonus to the base hull…!

    Apples and oranges I know, but still. Also need to factor in the extra wrecking shots (if any). It may just come down to a “feel” thing.

    One last thing, often times your target painter is well out of sync with your guns, meaning while your waiting for the cycle to end you guns are firing without the benefit of it. You don’t have that problem with the targeting enhancements.


  3. CorvusRhek permalink

    Well, I run (ran/will run – long story, lets just say “internet spaceships go boom…” and leave it there) a tracking enhancer plus a tracking comp with a opt range script. On ACs with Barrage L I hit rat cruisers effectively out to about 60km. When I switch to the Artie fit I drop the range script and that was working pretty effectively (well, mostly – see previous bracket…). With the script my Artie optimal ends up furtehr than I can target without a booster. With the script I get a effective 15% bonus to both opt and fall off, plus the TE gives 15% plus 30% FO (minus stacking penalties). I like the combination, but you do compromise your tank somewhat.

    • helenakhan permalink

      Awwww Dude…. that was a fine piece of machinery too!

      Rebuild! Rebuild! Rebuild!


      P.S Given I’m armor tanking I’m not compromising the tank more than it already is. Just dropping the target painter and one of the three mag stabs. Mebbe try tomorrow…. after downtime… AND SLEEP!

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