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June 6, 2010

There are a couple of blogs and podcasts that I go out of my way to check on. Mynxee, Kirith Kodachi, Noir. and Planet Risk among others.

CrazyKinux is one of those I regularly look at. He’s left a somewhat cryptic remark about a major announcement about his playing EvE and blogging following quite a period (by his standards) of inactivity. /me is a little concerned, but I think I might know where this is going.

This year has been one of change. A number of the bloggers out there have started up, and a few really good bloggers have dropped away. The same has occurred in game too, with people who have been really prevalent scaling back their involvement.

Can only hope that people find the balance they need with RL demands, blogging and EvE (Shae Tiann, I’m looking at you) and find the time to post on a regular basis. Not the hyperkinetic must log everyday kind of thing, but once a week would be nice.

We, the readers, are kinda voracious but as far as things go, I’d rather see a periodic update than a nova like burst of activity, followed by a massive explosion and contraction down to black hole status.

Anyway. Enough of the stellar analogies. FS.


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  1. aye i enjoy reading blogs via capsuleer on iphone, usually on my way to work or on the way home and then i check the other blogs when i get home, i would enjoy a steady flow of blogs rather then as you say a burst of them, but i’m happy either way as long as i have something to read. However it is a shame to see some of the bloggers fall away from blogging or eve and i hope that we don’t lose too many more. Some of these bloggers got me into blogging myself and although my blog isnt as active as some i always try to post at least once a week providing i have something i deem worthy.

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