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The Horror! The Horror! And I got older too!!

May 29, 2010

Spreadsheets in space. I’d managed to avoid it till now, but a combination of a veeeery slow day at work, gearing up for T2 production and PI means I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Yes, this does mean that RL is currently more sucky than doing EvE spreadsheets!

Anyways, I have now got something of a template set and ready to go for which I can now copy and paste as needed. Well, mostly 🙂 It is fairly broad strokes, but does give a reasonably accurate idea of volumes of minerals and materials and ofc the price it costs to actually build something.

As far as Tyrannis goes I’ve noticed a couple of things: it seems smoother somehow, though that may just be population related (see next). The system I tend to operate in was WAY down in numbers from usual for quite a few days… and I suspect the bot miners/mission got slapped with the new release. Seem to recall a similar thing happening the last time too. Also the corp logos have a changed a little, which I was a wee bit unhappy with. Anyone else noticed that? We shan’t mention the POS issues… ahem.

Congrats to Mynxee and Teadaze on getting into the CSM. Teadaze has already proven his worth via the CSM, Mynxee by both her blog, the very well thought out campaign and through her asking questions of the players in the forums.

For me though, it’s the fact the fact they took the time out to talk to someone in game when they really didn’t need to shows just what sort of people they are.

You can’t expect that to continue with the extra work they will now have though… Rock on! I have high hopes for this CSM and what they may be able to achieve in partnership with CCP.

P.S H is actually two years old today… I just checked out of sheer curiosity as I’d forgotten… o.0

I’m a little bit proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in game, but more so that I and my friends have got to where we are with little external assistance. We bootstrapped it, right from our very first noobship with it’s dinky die civilian miners and weaponry to what we can field now.

Most especially I want to do a shoutout to the following people Corv, Toka, X, Kaz, Sammy, Winston, Laris, Pops, Jase, and of course, Cain (if you can read braille, the holes in your hull spell “Cain was here…” )



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