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Oh, good grief…!

May 18, 2010

Been a few days since the last post. Mostly because this is the second day off in two and a half weeks. There are occasions where RL sucks well and truly. For those of you who think being in management or owning a company is all a bed of iskies (and roses)… you really might want to think again. Sometimes it is just a hard graft and for long periods of time with little or no respite.

Anyways. In the process of selling stuff off left, right, and Jita in an attempt to get the POS up and running properly and the industry side of the corp cranking nicely. Need the iskies to fund the war machine, though I am very, VERY tempted by the Vigilant. With implants and rigs you can get well over 1000 DPS from a cruiser hull. A bit of a glass cannon sure… but whoa. If you tackle something and get into web range… whatever you have tackled is in for a world of hurt. Small sig, good speed and agility. What’s not to like?

That coupled with skills that enable you to get into a hurricane and of course the fact that various guns skills apply to projectiles and much as they do hybrids… hmmmmm…

My skill queue appears to be somewhat schizophrenic right now. Bouncing between scanning skills, science/indy, and PvP. Having three alts enables me to concentrate to a large extent, however I have decided one thing, one alt concentrates on sub capitals, one on capitals, and one…. who will be a looooooooooong way away from hopping into whatever ship I eventually decide upon, super caps. By then, I might even be able to afford one… ๐Ÿ™‚

Fly Safe,


P.S Mynxee, Tea Daze, and Illectrocuted. VOTE dammit!

P.P.S THIS is what the CSM is all about…. not quite so sure about the lethal hydra of nerd rage comment though… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. TokageCHan permalink

    The vigilant is very nice. Especially as its web bonus counters a major flaw in blaster boats, namely keeping in range. If you splurge a little for faction EANMs it can get a respectable buffer.

    If you also get a long range faction web (yes, pricey, but quite worthwhile) you can get an overheated web range of 18km. That will likely be enough catch vagas and cynabals trying to kite you in 24km point range, and they will then slow enough to get down to scram and blaster range for the kill.

    Expensive and I wouldn’t want to solo it as it doesn’t have the GTFO ability of a cynabal, but it hits hard and the web bonus is an asset to the gang. Imagine how much a fleet of SBs would love you as they poured torp damage onto your webbed victim ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Corvus Rhek permalink

    Aye, was seriously impressed with the Vigilant last night. Combined with the AC-maelstrom we blitzed the missions that we did. I could have used it in Vengeance, as I was in my non-AB fit and Rachen was sitting at extreme range so taking his shileds down was slooooooow. Once I’d got him down to armour it went quick though. I am tempted by a Vigilant myself, though my armour-tanking skills need a bit more work.

    NTS: I have to set up alt fits at my bases for quick change to suit mission. That woudl be a lot easierr though if CCP added a seperate hanger store for fits, so they didn’t get lost in the cr*… loot from missions.

    The Mighty Corv

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