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May 5, 2010

Hey All,

Its that time again. I can only encourage you to vote for the people who will represent us to CCP. Seriously, it’s worth spending a little time looking at the issues being represented and the way people will attend to things.

There ARE a lot of candidates this year, but to cut things down I’d suggest forgetting anyone who doesn’t link to a website with details or the speakers park in Jita. Drops the number of candidates by a fair margin and cuts out the less serious contenders. You can also (if you wish) ignore the people from the larger power blocks. They’re likely to get enough votes in any case.

There are some real standouts this year, Mynxee being one of them. Teadaze and Song Li are proven candidates having been part of the process. The list goes on.

But for sheer out and out awesomeness external to the game, I can’t quite go past this guy:

Wrote the first four Wizardry games?!?!? Builds combat robots?!?!?! o.0

Anyways. I was surprised to find out that Elise Randolph was another of the CSM candidates (see the previous post). From the point of view that all of the candidates should stand on a good platform and treat this process seriously, I say good on him.

One last thing please be involved. CCP haven’t exactly made it easy to find, but if you go to and log in, then go to eve insider, you will see a drop down for the CSM and can see the candidates from there.

Oh, and when you get the chance to do so – VOTE!


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