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Local – Use it

April 23, 2010

Well, that was kinda interesting. Just flew through a system where the Noir. peeps were obviously doing what they do so well….

Dark Klotz > i will win this war solo!
Alekseyev Karrde > lol
Dark Klotz > o/
Helena Khan > Great pocast btw Alex
Alekseyev Karrde > thanks Helena
Helena Khan > welcome… fly dangerous 🙂

All of which made me think about the people I have met and spoken with in local, they include (and excuse me if this comes across too much as a blog fanboi moment), Mynxee, Jorge Belda, Kirith Kodachi, Teadaze of CSM fame. I met Shae Tian at the last FanFest too. These people are pretty integral parts of the wider EvE community through both their involvement, exploits and of course, their writing about them.

This is in comparison with how, back in the day starting out being a hardcore mission runner, I pretty much ignored the tutorials and because of it managed to blindly go about my business using neither local or dscan. How I did not get popped and podded more often in the old days is beyond me.

Anyway,  keep your eyes open. It’ll help keep you alive… and you’ll be surprised who you just might run across.


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