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Hello world!

February 26, 2010

Well, hello….

This blog came about for a couple of reasons, not the least of which was I wanted to start crystallising some thoughts about EvE and my involvement in it. I’m at kind of a cusp you see where I’ve run missions until my eyeballs bled and it no longer holds the interest of someone even as patient as I can be. Exploration has become a frustration due to the pilot density in and around my home systems, and the null sec area I spend time in is either dead quiet or firmly in the grip of some severe guerilla warfare.

That coupled with  having to make some decisions about where I’m heading skillwise means I’m just not quite sure to do next. Start ticking off the level 5 skills…? I already have 42 of the suckers, and the kind of time investment on some of the remaining ones, is to put it bluntly, a wee bit scary. Do I head down the capital ship path? Carriers or Dreadnaughts or do I focus on Black Ops? Do I keep dividing my time between high sec and null, or make a proper go of it in zero zero?

One thing that I’ve always enjoyed doing is saving ships on the brink of destruction. Remind me to tell you how we got a Golem out of Worlds Collide (L4) on 7% structure sometime. We’ll tag that as aggressive logistics I think. Oh, and for the more nOObish out there, turn off your autotargetting. People who are repping your ship really don’t appreciate being shot.

My point really though is this, if I can impart some experience and techniques as part of my rambling thoughts and maybe prevent you from making a horrible mistake, it is all to the good. And if I find some like minded people happy to come fly with us, then even better.

Fly safe, and if that doesn’t work, give those bstards as much trouble as you can,


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